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  • How much do you believe in yourself?

    16 May at 10:57 from atlas

    Ten good suggestions for bringing your self-image up to date and becoming more of your own person:

    1. Do something differently every day. Anything. Just break a routine and do it a little differently. That may mean taking a risk!
    2. Resurrect your dream for yourself. Find a fabulous picture that captures or symbolises your dream and stick it somewhere prominent so that you'll see if every day.
    3. Write down your goals again clearly. On a card will do and carry the card with you. Get it out and read several times a day for 90 days. Don't miss a day.
    4. Say 'thank you' all the time. To everyone for any little thing. Express your appreciation for everything.
    5. Do one small nurturing thing for yourself every day. It might be that you start reading a book. Maybe going to bed half an hour earlier. Enjoying a massage.
    6. Unclutter your living space. Tidy it all up and keep it that way. Give away anything you haven't touched or looked at in a year. Then go out and buy yourself a smart new piece of clothing!
    7. Deal to just one unresolved issue in your life. Give it a deadline and do it. Negotiate an outcome that is pretty close to your ideal result.
    8. Make a rock solid decision to walk away from conflict, to let go your competitive tendencies and see every moment as a wonderful opportunity to be creative or find a creative solutions.
    9. Make sure you have the support of just one close friend and ally. Someone you trust, feel comfortable with and can have fun with. Share your dreams and goals with your buddy.
    10. Set out to read one good book a month. Something to encourage you, educate you, inspire you, enthuse you.

    If you take on board just half of these ideas, there's no way your life will remain the same. and neither will your business. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of these suggestions because what you think is what you'll get!


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